Omid Mostafavi




One of my major goals has been helping people solve their problems in the best, fastest, and most economical way; hence, closing the deal with the clients is in fact the commence of my relations with the clients and delivering future services to them. Moreover, my widespread relations with domestic and foreign investors, builders and immigrants have helped me sell properties fast, even sometimes on less than half a day! People who are willing to sell their properties will not miss such a great opportunity! My close relations with them will end in their loyalty, which increases my commitment to deliver professional, on time, and honest services.

Of note, regarding demographic changes in Canada, I am quite aware of the conditions of immigrants from different nationalities and cultures and their worries about buying a house, no matter whether they are first buyers or owners willing to move. Knowing different viewpoints of builders and investment opportunities have helped me render the best services.

Don’t forget that the age of information has already finished and now is the golden age of relations and positive energy which we should do together.

I will be glad if you contact me and introduce me to your friends.

加拿大多伦多地产经纪Omid Mostafavi,最大的目标之一就是帮助人们用最好的,最快的而且最经济的方式解决他们的问题;因此,我可以和客户紧密的联系,并且提供给他们更多的服务。而且,我对于本地以及国外的投资者,建筑商,移民都有联系,他们可以帮我更快的卖掉房产,有时不到半天时间已经成交!想要卖出房产的朋友,不要错过这个机会!我和他们的紧密联系帮助我可以为人们提供更专业,更及时,更诚实的服务。

进一步说,随着加拿大人口版图的变化。加拿大多伦多地产经纪Omid Mostafavi非常了解不同种族,不同文化的新移民关于买房子的担忧,不论他们是第一次购买还是想要搬家。对于不同建筑商,以及投资机会的了解帮助我可以提供更好地服务。

欢迎您和加拿大多伦多地产经纪Omid Mostafavi联系,以及介绍给您的朋友。