Susanna Wu

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Century 21 Landunion REALTY INC. BROKERAGE


多倫多地產經紀 Susanna Wu(吳蘇虹)

Susanna Wu 是21世紀地產公司的持牌經紀, 在投資和房地產行業有十餘年經驗並於2023年獲得加中地產投資總商會頂尖經紀頒獎。 Susanna 對房地產業務充滿熱情,她一直始終如一地努力工作,努力幫助客人實現他們在房地產方面的安家置業和投資計劃。

Susanna有淵博的地產知識和職業操守,以誠信耐心為每一位客戶提供最好的服務,早年Susanna 曾學習建築設計,並獲得約克大學的工商管理碩士學位,之後在香港大型金融機構任職數年。在項目管理也有十分豐富的經驗 ,她豐富的地產知識,對建築美學的領悟,對社區與學區的了解和自身全方位解決問題的技能是她成功的關鍵。

除此之外Susanna 也積極參與各種社區義工活動,希望為社區和身邊的人帶來正能量。

你在尋找買房賣房,樓花交易的經紀人嗎, Susanna會用專業的知識, 秉承待人的誠信和服務, 全心全意幫您購置理想物業。

Susanna Wu, has been practicing real estate investment for over 10 years, she is a sales agent in Century 21 Landunion Realty. Susanna was awarded as Top Agent in the Canadian-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA) in 2023. 

Susanna is passionate to the Real Estate business, she is consistently hard-working to help her clients achieve their goals in their real estate transactions. Susanna has a broad range of knowledge in real estate, being ProfessionalReliable and Responsible, Susanna dedicates herself to providing the best service to every client with Integrity and Patience.

In earlier years Susanna studied Architecture design and obtained her MBA from Schulich School of Business from York University. After that, he worked in a large financial institution in Hong Kong for several years.She also had plenty of project management experience through her professional career. Her extensive knowledge of business, comprehension of architectural aesthetics, fundamental understanding of communities/schools, experiences in different types of Real Estate transactions, and comprehensive problem-solving skills are the keys to her success. 

In her spare time, Susanna is active in various social volunteering work, she hopes to bring positive energies to people around her.

Are you looking for a Real Estate agent who can help buy or sell in a real estate transaction? Susanna will use her professional knowledge and serve each client wholeheartedly.